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Deposit Insurance - The FDIC insures your deposits in various ownership categories – up to $250,000.00.

Account Types


$50.00 minimum opening deposit

If your balance falls below $300 on any day in the month, your account will be subject to a $5.00 Service Charge for that month.

This is a non interest account


Home Free 

$50.00 minimum opening deposit

Qualified monthly direct deposit required

No service charges or fees


Non-Service Charge

For senior citizen (age 60 or older) OR legally disabled

No service charges or fees



$50.00 minimum opening deposit

No fees or minimum monthly balance

Ages 16+ (parents must also be an account owner/signer for 16-17 years of age)


    Super Negotiable Order of Withdraw (NOW) 

    $1,000.00 minimum balance

    Tiered based on balance held (benefits and interest rates increase based on minimum balance)

    Unlimited withdraws for all NOW accounts

    Fees and charges: $10.00 Service charge if balance falls below $1,000

    This is an interest bearing account (contact us about current rates and tier information)


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