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Johnny Bill Adventures

Introducing our newest friend at Home National Bank, Johnny Bill! 😃💵Johnny Bill is here to help parents educate kids on finances. 💰💡He will talk about money, savings, and even have challenges for a chance to win a prize! (Ages -8)🤩👍🏼


Here is our first message from Johnny Bill;


“For my first lesson, let’s talk about what money is and how you get it. Parents, ask your kids;

1) What is money?

2) How do you get money?


✅Here are examples of correct answers you can teach your kids,

1) Money is what we use to buy things that are of value. If we need or want something we use money to get it. Money is also called, cash, change, coins, dollar bills.

2) To get money we have to earn it. We earn money by going to work. You can also get money by selling an item you own in exchange.

See you next time!

- JB”