Financial Tip - Yearly Saving Goal

Yearly Savings Goals

We all have dreams of saving our money. Some of us are saving for a grand vacation, a new home project, or maybe added financial security. Whatever your reason is, make a goal to make it happen.

In order to create this goal we first have to look at how much money we have in income and how much we have going to expenses. Once we understand what money we have left, we can create our savings goal. Calculate your years worth of income and subtract your yearly expenses. With this gross income number figure out how much you want use for spending money and how much you could put toward savings.


Once we have this savings number, divide it by 52 (for the amount of weeks in a year). This is the amount you will need to save weekly to achieve your savings goals!!

We reccomend transferring your weekly savings amount into a separate account, that way you can easily keep track and meet your yearly goal!