Customer Expectations


Our customers have the right to expect service that is Reliable, Timely, Personalized, and Memorable

Home National Bank strives to deliver exceptional personal service to our customers every day, in every way. That’s why our employees created these Customer Expectations, which are our customers’ “bill of rights” that define what you can expect in your relationship with Home National Bank.

Our commitment to you:

To greet you warmly, serve you promptly, and give you our full attention

When you call or visit us, one thing you should always find is a welcoming smile and a warm greeting. You will be treated with courtesy, respect, honesty and professionalism.

To understand and acknowledge the importance of your financial goals and help find the best solutions for you

Your questions, concerns, and financial goals are unique. So tell us about them. The more we know about what you’re trying to achieve, the more we’ll be able to help. We will strive to use a “can do” approach with all your needs.

To deliver personal and professional service that makes you want to return and recommend us to friends

We believe banking is all about relationships. We strive to serve as a trusted resource, the first place you’ll turn when you have a financial question. You will be treated as an individual and your needs will be viewed in a customer perspective, such as using customer friendly terms, not banking jargon

To provide high-quality banking services with the best value possible

You have the right to full and complete service. By full and complete service, we mean:

  • A full array of services and products
  • Dealing with experienced and knowledgeable bank employees
  • Bank employees who know you
  • Bank employees who put your financial goals first
  • Bank employees who take the time to understand your needs
  • Personalized, flexible service and solutions
  • Your telephone call will be answered by a real human voice, not “push this button”

It’s your right to expect it every time you walk-in, drive-thru, call or visit our web site.

To safeguard the financial information you entrust to us

Your financial records are valuable, and we make use of the latest technology, tools and training—as well as basic common sense—to keep your information safe. Your privacy is respected. All personal and financial information will be protected and held in the strictest confidence.

To take personal responsibility and accountability for your relationship with Home National Bank

We value your banking relationship. It’s our responsibility to respond promptly with reliable information. It’s our goal to anticipate your needs and recommend the best solutions. We take all your concerns seriously and will work with you to resolve any concerns you might have.

To have all decisions affecting your banking relationship made locally

Being a locally based and locally controlled bank, we make decisions quickly.

To provide accuracy on all your transactions, accounts, statements, and correspondence

Our staff is committed to delivering timely and accurate information with regard to every account and every transaction conducted on your behalf. You can expect service that is fast, friendly, and focused on your needs.

To have the trust from the staff of Home National Bank.

All bank employees understand that our greatest asset is the trust our customers place in us. We work hard to maintain your trust with each customer interaction.

To equality in how we conduct your banking experience

Our bank employees understand all the preceding rights apply regardless of race, color, creed, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, or banking relationship. You will be treated by all Home National Bank employees with dignity and respect at all times.

To be a bank that shares your values and is dedicated to the prosperity of Meigs County.

We’ve been in Meigs County more than 100 years, and like you, Home National Bank is dedicated to bringing progress and prosperity to this community. Home National Bank’s principles are based on sound business and investment practices.