Racine Branch

Phone: 740-949-2210


Fax: 740-949-2831

ho[email protected]




Please note that electronic mail is not secure and confidential or personal information should not be communicated in this manner.


Roma Sayre – President


John Hoback – Executive Vice-President


Steve Dunfee – Loan Officer/Security


Alisia Smith – Loan Officer


Shelly Pierce -LoanOfficer/Compliance


Debby McKinney – Insurance/Escrow/Payroll Admin


Kim Hupp – IT/Finance Assistant


Christie Smith – IT Supervisor


Sarah Allen – Bookkeeping/Operations


Sheila Buchanan – Collections


Carol Schuler – Financial Analyst/ Head Loan Clerk


Sarah Hupp – Loan Clerk


Loraine Kiser – Head Teller


Cathy Pickens – Reception / Teller


Pam Foreman – Teller

Kristy Greenlee – IT Clerk / Teller 


 Syracuse Branch

 Phone: 740-992-6333


Fax: 740-992-4500




Amber Connolly – Branch Manager


Tiffany McDaniel – Teller


Barbara Brown – Teller




Middleport Branch








Randy Pierce -Branch Manager


Betsy Wolfe -Head Teller


Jennifer Payne – Teller








Partner Insurance Group








 The Simmons Group